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Customer Crunch was brought in by a major transport industry association for truck operators that wanted to develop a new pricing and customer strategy, but first it needed to improve its value proposition and grow its membership base. Using our automated SPARCA™ we developed a customer segmentation model and data visualisation suite to support member engagement and future strategic business initiatives.

The commercial challenge

To build a critical mass of members, the organisation needed to understand the value interaction between itself and its members. On completing this it decided to develop a value-based segmentation program to support future strategic business initiatives including pricing, partnerships, and the development of new services.

The organisation needed to:

  • Improve member value proposition
  • Develop a new pricing strategy
  • Build a critical mass in its membership base

Our Solution

Customer Crunch began this program by uncovering the current state of the customer base, the client’s data and analytics capability and its commercial intent. We did this via our proprietary SPARCA™ strategic solution which accelerates the discovery process, enabling us to quickly design and offer recommendations aligned to the client’s current level of commercial maturity.

On this program, we provided the following services:

Hypothesis for customer engagement and retention

Hypothesis for customer engagement and retention

Worked with the business stakeholders to design a hypothesis for member engagement to determine the factors impacting member retention. Identifying the data that was critical for the organisation to store, to better understand and improve member engagement.

Data Potential Insight Driver

Data warehouse development

Built a data warehouse to store, transform and connect data from multiple sources. Developing a monthly ‘extract, transform and load’ (ETL) process to refresh the data each month.

Dashboard development and design

Dashboard build

Developed a data visualisation suite that is refreshed monthly and provides insights enabling effective operation of various member activities.

SPARCA Enterprise solution to assess the customer information ecosystem end to end

Member segmentation

Developed a member segmentation model to classify the member base into eight segments based on engagement level and value.


Segments were then profiled based on important member attributes to better understand the segment characteristics and inform communication strategies.

Business Impact and Outcomes

Our solution helped the client get a better understanding of its member base and design a personalised member engagement strategy. The customer retention and segmentation solutions we devised are now used by the client to improve its strategy for each segment to proactively reduce attrition of valuable members.

Our customer segmentation has helped the client understand and unlock value from their member base by identifying mutually beneficial partnerships between the organisation and its members. This has helped create new avenues of value exchange to increase revenue and member satisfaction.

The geo-location dashboard we built is used by the marketing team to design location-based strategies like regional summits to increase member participation and acquisition. The client now has a strategic data asset that provides useful insights to the organisation.

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