A health check of your organisation’s customer capability, a general assessment of your team’s sentiment concerning customer culture, and customer insights. Giving you full insight into customer needs, allowing you to accelerate communication programs and enhance commercial return.

  • Assess how customer data culture is enacted and expressed in your organisation
  • Understand the internal sentiment on customer culture
  • Establish friction points and the inter-relationships of each team
  • Identification of optimistic and pessimistic groups
  • Tactical recommendations and actions to accelerate change
  • Establish a baseline to monitor team feedback, month on month, as you make changes

From: $900.00 + GST / year

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Assess your capability across several Insight Drivers


Encourage a conversation with your team on the importance of being customer focused and discovering if they feel customer enabled in their role.

Key Assessment Areas


Listen to Customer

Listen to Customer

How well your organisation captures data at customer touchpoints to learn more about customer needs.

Knowledge of Customer

Knowledge of Customer

Your ability to understand the needs and behaviours of your customers through analysis and insight generation.

Interaction with Customer

Interaction with Customer

How well and organisation leverages intelligence to improve customer communication.

Culture of Customer

Culture of Customer

Assessing employees perspective on feeling customer enabled in their role

Discover Focus Areas to Unlock your Customer Information Ecosystem

  • How is your customer data stored and processed?
  • Effectiveness in understanding customer behaviour and how it effects the bottom line
  • Can intelligence be leveraged to improve customer interactions?
  • Does every team feel customer enabled in their role?
Culture of Customer Framework

How It Works



Deploy tailored assessment in minutes with 10 to 1000 people

5 Minutes

Discover SPARCA Assessment Results


Discover the makes and breaks with your actionable scorecard

24 Hours

Decide form results of SPARCA Solution


Make a choice on which recommendations are right for you


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