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Customer solutions for a changing world

Customer Crunch helps organisations become more profitable by enriching their relationships with their customers.

We combine the commercial mindset of our people with leading-edge technology. Our custom built automated AI solutions give organisations deep insight into their customer data and show the commercial potential of that knowledge.

We do this very cost effectively and very quickly – think days, not weeks.

Customer centricity at speed

For most organisations, designing a customer transformation strategy in-house can be cost effective, but relies on internal resourcing and pre-existing assumptions about what is possible.

Engaging external consultancy resources with the right technical and commercial expertise can be cost prohibitive.

Our innovative customer solutions offer a clear alternative.

Consumer behaviour is changing. Are you?


of data remains unused in business
80% of data is never actually used to make improvements or changes deemed necessary by the customer (Forbes)

Data usage

Are you using your customer data?


of customers will share even more data
56% of consumers are willing to share their data to receive faster and more convenient service (Salesforce)


of businesses use analytics to improve customer experience
72% of companies believe they can use analytics reports to improve customer experience (Deloitte)

Test and learn

Are you using data to improve customer experience?


of companies are doing more data-driven marketing
72% of companies with high data quality standards are increasing their budget for data-driven marketing (Informatica)


of highly-rated businesses leverage customer feedback
70% of companies that deliver best in class customer experience use customer feedback (Huffington Post)

Response data

Are you listening to your customers?


of unhappy customers leave
91% of unhappy customers who are non-complainers simply leave (Huffington Post)

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We collaborate with industry leaders and prominent organisations to help our clients take their customer transformation and  customer engagement programs to new heights.