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Unlock Customer Culture

Best place to Start

Your own introspective assessment on how the organisation is performing with Customer Data Enablement. Narrowing in on the areas of importance.

  • 18 Multiple choice questions
  • Results to you within 24 Hours
  • 6 Page Dashboard/Report
  • Detailed insight with key recommendations
  • Great Pulse Check

Cast Wide / Focus Narrow

Gain feedback from across the organisation on how the team views organisational competence in Customer Data Enablement.

  • Reach out to as many people as you like across your function
  • 18 Multiple choice questions
  • Results to you within 24 Hours
  • 14 Page Dashboard/Report
  • Detailed insight recommendations to accelerate change
  • A guide to support strategy and investment decisions
Accelerate Customer Capability
SPARCA Data Management (SDM)

Customers leave a trail of data with each interaction. How your business copes with the capture, storage, and processing of this information can determine how well you can learn from your data to understand customer needs.

SPARCA Analytical Maturity (SAM)

Taking raw data and building an understanding of your customers experience and predicting their future behaviour is paramount to learning how best to serve your customers in a way that aligns to your business goals.

SPARCA Insight Activation (SIA)

With qualified knowledge of your customers, you can now service them with greater precision via the creation of strategic and tactical programs that improve targeting and operational effectiveness.

Complete Solution

The synthesis of all these areas combine to form an enabled information ecosystem that will help your business to understand your customer needs, accelerate communication programs and enhance commercial returns.

Includes all SPARCA solutions

  • Data Management (SDM) including Data Governance Model
  • Analytical Maturity (SAM) including Analytical Maturity Model
  • Insight Activation (SIA) Including Insight Activation Model
  • 150 Questions
  • 35 Drivers / 6 Dimensions
  • 40 Page report
  • Key recommendations to accelerate change

Through accessing your business across the full customer information ecosystem you will build a common language that will for the basis for tracking operational efficiency.