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One- year unlimited use subscription

*For each SPARCA Data Management project, it is recommended to engage a minimum of 5 participants


Taking raw data and building an understanding of your customers experience and predicting their future behaviour is paramount to learning how best to serve your customers in a way that aligns to your business goals.

  • Review how effective raw data is translated into insight
  • Complete review of the Analytical Maturity Model
  • Determine the effectiveness of workflow and communication
  • Assess your team’s sentiment on how well insight is running
  • Clarify areas where small changes can make a significant impact
  • Monitor your improvements monthly or quarterly
  • Benchmark your function to industry standards

Analytical Program Maturity

ASSESSED measures capability to unlock insight from data environments and translate this into usable intelligence. There are characteristics and behaviors that an insight team should embody to become effective.

Key Assessment Areas
Demand Vs. Supply
Operational Maturity
Commercial Interest
Technical Know-How
Analytical Initiative
Capability in Deploy Insight

RELEASED is characterised by the proficiency to produce insights. The benefit of insight is derived from your functions ability to collaborate with stakeholders and prioritise work based on value and needs.

Key Assessment Areas
Commercial Understanding
Resource Utilisation
Workflow Management
Descriptive & Diagnostic
Predictive & Prescriptive
Benchmark your Analytical Maturity

Gain feedback to ascertain a score on the maturity of your insight function. Enabling you to understand the stress points and opportunities to accelerate learning, unlock new ways of working and deliver refined intelligence.

  • How is the balance of People, Training, Tools and Capital?
  • Are the technical standards supporting your growth trajectory?
  • How does workflow impact efforts to deliver value?
Insight delivery that is driving commercial decisions and actions

Assess your functions ability to collaborate with stakeholders to prioritise work based on value and need. Understanding is translated into information assets from Descriptive & Diagnostic (D-Zone) through to Predictive & Prescriptive (P-Zone).

  • How is the balance between D-Zone and P-Zone insights?
  • Are the information assets aligned to meet stakeholder needs?
  • Where are you positioned to automate and proceed into predictive capability?

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