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Commercial insight fused with leading-edge technology

Customer Crunch is a dynamic, fast-growing consultancy firm based in Sydney, Australia. We combine the commercial expertise of our people with leading-edge AI technology to help our clients become more profitable by guiding them on a process of customer transformation.


Customer Crunch inspires leaders to overcome uncertainty and gain wisdom in what they can achieve.


Every company has the seed of greatness inside of them. We empower them to look beyond their imperfections and problems to their strengths, innovation, and possibilities.


Growth & Prosperity: We are in business to deliver growth and prosperity for our clients, our staff, our community and our company. We collaborate with our strategic partners in win/win endeavours.

Interactive Player: We actively reach out to the business community to inform, educate, and support investing in a continual focus on customer behaviour and learning how organisations can influence the motivating factors of consumer choice.

Hunger for Wisdom: Our culture is built on a foundation of learning. We strive to master an understanding of customer dynamics through investing in the field of human behaviour, formal and informal technical study, and through the processes by which we conduct discovery of our clients’ unique customer stories.

The Leadership Team

Dr. Christina Igasto

Aaron Artery

Sachin Kumar

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