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While this is free, we know you will get a lot out of this step.

SPARCA™ CDC has been carefully designed to provide you with a view of 4 key Insight Drivers that relate to Customer Data Culture. Three of which are intended to assess how well your business listen, learns and gains wisdom in customer.

The final element helps you reflect on the culture of customer within your business.

While CDC is a great reflection tool, we highly recommend considering the  SPARCA™ Rapid solution for a more advanced assessment. This provides a detailed analysis and set of recommendations to build customer capability at speed.  Why not take a moment to review the SPARCA™ Rapid solution and see how it can help you.

There is always room for choice


SPARCA CDC will help you reflect on your organisations culture towards customer, and the dimensions of customer data that could be impacting programs to improve customer capability.

Commence SPARCA™ CDC


This solution enables you to conduct a complete review across the business, all online, at speed and with minimal leg work. You can quickly gain hundreds of insights from dozens of people in a matter of days.

Consider SPARCA™ Rapid