The tables below describes the roles and responsibilities of the participants who should be considered for the activation of the project to improve the response rate from participants.


I work as a business leader that makes informed DECISIONS with the use of data and insights.

My day to day can include

  • Managing product sales or promotion
  • Leading a team of people
  • Devising strategy with the help of data
  • Thinking about the big picture and long term goals

My role would fit well in Strategy, Product, Digital, or Sales teams, but more generally in any role that leads a team to that is at the forefront of change.


I work as a specialist or leader who is involved directly in taking tactical ACTION with insights.

My day to day can include

  • Being at the coal face of tactical activities
  • Involved in social media programs
  • Engaged in the delivery of CRM
  • Using the insight we have to make decisions now

My role would fit well in a digital Marketing, CRM, Product, Channel, Operations and Distribution.