The tables below describes the roles and responsibilities of the participants who should be considered for the activation of the project to improve the response rate from participants.

Conductors make decisions from insights to improve strategic outcomes


I work as a functional leader that makes informed DECISIONS with the use of data and insights.

My day to day can include

  • Managing operations and processes
  • Leading a team of people
  • Devising strategy with the help of data
  • Thinking about the big picture and long term goals

My role would fit well in Strategy, Product, Digital, or Marketing teams, but more generally in any role that leads a team that is at the forefront of change.

investigators transform customer data into insights


I work in a specialist role related to the TRANSFORMATION of data into insights.

My day to day can include

  • Building Reports, Scorecards, or Dashboards
  • Conducting financial forecasting or ad-hoc analysis
  • Managing an insights team
  • Developing advanced insights or predictive intelligence

My role would fit well in an Insights, Risk, Financial Management, Marketing Analytics or Data Science function.

Operative act on insights from data transformation


I work as a specialist or leader who is involved directly in taking tactical ACTION with insights.

My day to day can include

  • Being at the coal face of tactical activities
  • Involved in social media programs
  • Engaged in the delivery of communication programs
  • Using the insight we have to make decisions now

My role would fit well in a Digital Marketing, Product, Channel, Operations and Distribution.

Originators are specialists who manage data


I work in a technical data role related specifically to the capture, storage and MANAGEMENT of data.

My day to day can include

  • Supporting the capture of data for the business
  • Ensuring the data is stored effectively
  • Manage the movement of data from system to system
  • I can be involved in technical data governance

My role would fit well in an Information Technology, Business Intelligence, Data Management, Data Warehousing, or Data Governance team.