The tables below describes the roles and responsibilities of the participants who should be considered for the activation of the project to improve the response rate from participants.


I work in a specialist role related to the TRANSFORMATION of data into insights.

My day to day can include

  • Building Reports, Scorecards, or Dashboards
  • Conducting financial forecasting or ad-hoc analysis
  • Managing an insights team
  • Developing advanced insights or predictive intelligence

My role would fit well in a MIS, Risk, Financial Management, Actuarial, Marketing Analytics or Data Science function.


I work in a technical data role related specifically to the capture, storage and MANAGEMENT of data.

My day to day can include

  • Supporting the capture of data for the business
  • Ensuring the data is stored effectively
  • Manage the movement of data from system to system
  • I can be involved in technical data governance

My role would fit well in a Information Technology, Business Intelligence, Data Management, Data Warehousing, or Data Governance team.