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How could a tailored customer strategy help fundraising efforts?

Building a donor engagement program can be a challenge. How do you cut through all the various donation programs available so that your cause is considered?

We need to consider each individual's association to a given cause, their donation thresholds, and what makes them commit long term.

By taking a proactive approach to understanding and developing intelligence on donors and their emotive or financial choices, we can narrow in on key strategic actions that can lift contributions and reduce cancellations. Not too sure where to start?

Why not check in with Customer Crunch, and let us consider some options.


Leverage Intelligence to lift results

Customers follow a journey in any decisions they make; if we tap into their unique perspective at donation consideration points, we can devise a communication program unique to their needs.

This would reduce cancellations, lift the amount donated each time, and attract more regular donation commitments. By leveraging data & analytics solutions, we can identify these opportunities and devise a program that can significantly improve your relationship with each customer segment.

How would an ambitious Customer strategy improve your fundraising efforts?

How we can help your fundraising outcomes

Donation Value


Increase in the amount donated from key customer segments.

Donor Cancellations


Reduce the number of donors completely cancelling.

Regular Contributors


Move key customer groups from irregular donors to monthly contributors.

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