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Customer Transformation Solutions

Each business can be at a different stage in their Customer Transformation Journey. You my already have a well-defined customer program underway that requires additional support to accelerate and meet key outcomes, or you could be at an early stage of consideration, investigating options on where to invest resources to achieve a desired business outcome.

Regardless of what phase you are at, Customer Crunch have you covered.

We have a select set of solutions designed to help you on your Customer Transformation Journey.


Customer Data Culture

Best place to start

Conduct your own introspective assessment of how you feel the business is performing with customer data. Narrowing in on the areas of importance.

18 Questions
3 Page Report
Scored on 4 Key areas
Great pulse check


Cast wide, focus narrow

Bring the key specialists and leaders from across the Customer Information Ecosystem together under a common customer language. Gain a comprehensive view as to your Customer makes and breaks.

160 Questions (distributed)
33 Page Strategy
Scorecard on 29 Drivers
Detailed Recommendation set

SPARCA™ Discovery

Go deep, drive ROI

Discovery includes the Rapid solution, combined with 20 days of our team onsite reviewing your customer artefacts, your data and your strategy.

Onsite assessment
Customer Value Mapping
Customer strategy proposal


Measure and learn

Many of our clients asked for the option to run a new SPARCA™ Rapid on a regular basis. Intended to monitor progress overtime. Score enables you to do this any where any time with minimal fuss.

As often as you like
Monitor change