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Are you looking for clarity on your organisation and its customer capability?

Our solutions allow you to conduct a strategic analysis of your capability across functions, at speed and have actionable results within days.

Our team has developed a suite of solutions to examine how your organisation approaches data and insights. Whether you're looking for clarity on specific areas like data management or your pathway to AI and automation, Customer Crunch can help. Alternatively, if you're looking for a comprehensive end-to-end review of your information ecosystem, our solutions guarantee return.

Reasons to Partner With Customer Crunch

Expanded scope

520 %

Increase in customer engagement

Automation and Deployment

300 %+

Improvement and FTE time saving


450 %

Return on investment

Case Study

International Bank

Customer Crunch partnered with an international banking group covering retail, business, and insurance products that needed to improve customer engagement and attract new prospects as part of a new product launch. Our solution, using our A.I. automated solution, SPARCA™, identified gaps in its business processes that were restricting customer engagement. We then made recommendations on how the bank could transform its data and analytics capability and improve customer targeting

Outcomes From This Project

  • Three-times return on investment for every program executed
  • Combined leadership in data science, digital transformation and marketing and CRM
  • Partnership with Industry bodies and software specialists
  • History of delivering measurable benefit to large organisations, at speed

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